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Freeeverything interracial chat

"I can grab those for you." He made to take your books from you and you shook your head.

"It's fine, I've got them." "C'mon, babe, I'll take it from here." He grinned cockily, taking your books in his arms, and you groaned internally.

The two of you hadn't had real contact (other than a brief smile or nod here and there in the corridor) since your first year Potions class.

For years later and you still had that crush on him. "Sorry, Y/N, thought I'd let you know that class is almost over." Connor, a fellow Gryffindor boy in your year, was smirking down at you.

As hard as you tried, you couldn't get rid of him.

He took you to your next class (Charms) and was waiting outside the classroom when you exited.

Don’t worry if you are not in the major cities though. I mean, thank your lucky starts that you are not in countries such as Bolivia or Peru where finding a stunning hot woman is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The country has its fair share of hot men and women.

Professor Binns didn't help the matter, as he was dead and boring and put nearly the entire class to sleep. Oliver Wood, Gryffindor Keeper, sat across the room from you.So any idea on how to use this money generate passive Income?Don't plan on working for more than another 6 years I currently have £85,000,00 In my saving account.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction In the first century b.c.the fae Miracle and her friends crossed over into England for a night of fun.

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