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Ackles dating jensen

This dovetails into the larger THEME of the show, which I would say as being to do with the crucial question of Free Will: what is it? Free Will brings up larger questions, which are also hinted at here, things that will explode later. So I guess it depends on whose destiny you’re talking about, hey, Dean? DPs are responsible for how everything looks, for where the camera is placed, for establishing important point of view shots. You don’t get 10 shots at something like this, you get one.

This underlying Free Will theme sets up the series in yet another genre, which is Family Drama. Supernatural is also one of the darkest (if not the most dark) series on television. Apparently the network balked when they saw the first dailies, because every scene is so dark you can barely see anything.

This does not mean that The Bird and the Rifle Coffee Shop lacks personality.

First brought on to the show to romance good guy Eric Brady (first played by Jensen Ackles; now, Greg Vaughan), Nicole (Zucker) quickly proved herself capable of more.

Daytime Emmy nominee Zucker consistently rakes in the accolades for her portrayal—and should be a sure thing for a nomination (and possibly a win) come this year's ceremony. Arianne Zucker: It was about three and a half months before my first callback.

There are a couple of story formats set up in Supernatural‘s pilot. For the most part, it takes place in different motel rooms, and different towns, with brand-new interiors each week.

There will be the “Monster of the Week” story (which sometimes, in later episodes, doesn’t come up at all), where the Winchester brothers travel to some random small town on a tip that weird supernatural shit is going down there and they proceed to investigate the case. The creative team does a hell of a job in creating all of these things on a weekly basis.

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The duo reportedly met while working on their 2007 movie Ten Inch Hero, and their relationship has only gotten more serious in the years since.

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