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Everything Zoomer – If you live in Canada, you’re going to love Everything Zoomer. For example, today, they have an article entitled, “Older Adults Need to Step Up Their Efforts to Avoid Scams and Financial Problems.” Visit Boomer Consumer.

In fact, you’ll probably love it, no matter where you live in the world. Changing Aging – This fascinating site focuses on all kinds of issues related to the aging process.

Don’t misunderstand I’m not opposed to celebrating Valentines Day enthusiastically.

In fact I’ve already ordered flowers to be delivered to my sweetie so I don’t get shut out.

Beyond being the largest and most successful generation of all time, we also grew up during a period of unprecedented change.

Now, as we reach our 60s and 70s, we are also one of the most sought after demographics for companies selling everything from cruises and retirement homes to makeup and clothing.

Given all of the interest in our generation, perhaps it’s no surprise that hundreds of baby boomer websites have popped up in the past few years.

Many of these websites help us to celebrate our past and relive our best memories.

” And without warning, Andersen’s oldest daughter surprised her mother and signed her up for I was 60 years old, but when it came to dating, I was in a time warp, and could only relate to my former teenage self.

So, to help you sort through the options, I have prepared a list of some of my favorites.

Of course, you are also welcome here on Sixty and Me, one of the largest communities of baby boomer women in the world. As the name suggests, they focus on issues related to consumer products, particularly those for boomers and seniors.

Others are more focused on the future and provide advice on getting the most from retirement and experiencing healthy aging.

With so many baby boomer websites out there, it’s difficult to know which ones to pay attention to.

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