Gujju dating

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With gujju girls you will never feel board as hanging out with these pretty girls is always fun loving and happening.

Garba is the most famous festival in Gujarat and it doesn’t matter if a gujju girl works/studies out of Gujarat, they will fly down to attend the garba festival for at least couple of days.

Gujju girls have those quality you watch in Daily Soaps on T.

V, Simplicity with modern looks is the perfect word for these pretty gujju girls.

Most of our members are from different states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh and from cities namely Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Anand, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Gandhinagar, and Pune.

Yes, all of you are my own people cause I’m a human and you are humans and all that but Gujaratis are MY PEOPLE. In most probability the Gujju boy will be a vegetarian. He would either want to join the diamond market, start dealing in shares, open a small stationery/ general store shop or get into some chill job in the film industry. Flowers and ‘mehendi designs’ are all nicely embroidered on his wacky loud shirts.

Even Farthest of your relatives can have a merry time with them. Gujju guys are sensitive enough to react as per needs and isn’t that what is most needed? The good part here is plans are always on, bags are always packed and minds are always happy! Not being biased but how do you expect a gujju guy to have an extra marital when he refers to all women as ‘Ben’ and all women in turn refer to him as ‘Bhai’ 16) Haaley, Haaley havey!

8) Size of their hearts Size of their homes They are all accommodating. Anybody trying to be smart with them all they do is put on the sarcasm hat! Dating gujju guys is like dating a body full of unstable atoms.

For Jinnah, Gujarati was important only as mother tongue.

He was neither born nor raised in Gujarat, and Gujarat did not end up a part of Pakistan, the state he espoused.

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They will always have sweet and nice things to say. She has almost all qualities a guy looks for in a girl.

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