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It’s the way he serves himself salad that gives him away.Jon Hamm transfers lettuce from bowl to plate like the pro he once was: one-handed, fork above spoon in a steady pincer arrangement. In fact, on day four of a promotional trip to London, he looks a little weary and hungover; throughout our lunch Hamm throws back water like a man who’s just staggered alone through a desert. ” All these observations, you’d think, would make the interviewer’s laborious attempts to identify similarities between Hamm and the character he plays on TV, to draw conclusions about him based on that performance, seem even more facile an exercise than that usually is.To find out more about how to protect your family’s digital lifestyle, visit the Australian Government’s i Parent resources.Report offensive or illegal content on the website, including the use of children’s images on the internet, via cyber Report or ACORN.

Hacking into webcams is just one of the ways child molesters are using technology to commit crime.

Raghav lives in Delhi, at the other end of India, but over an intense four-month period they chatted every night, online or on the phone, and met twice.

Then, in January this year, Kanaga flew north to Delhi for a formal Hindu engagement ceremony. This was not only because the betrothed have made a love match in a society in which marriages are still overwhelmingly arranged by families.

Many parents are also concerned with the amount of time teenagers spend online.

If you are concerned, lead by example and reduce your own screen time.

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As your children grow older, (especially as they join social networks), ensure they understand that what is written online is never deleted.

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